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Are you an artist looking to level up and find new inspiration for your creations? Look no further than Mobile Robotic Art Studio!

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With the Mobile Robotic Art Studio, businesses can showcase their creativity, leverage technology, and offer unique experiences to customers.

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With a Robotic Art Studio, students can learn new creative skills while working alongside a robot, exploring the endless possibilities of this exciting new technology.

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Robohood blends art, entertainment, and emotion, drawing people in with a display of creative arts combined with high-tech AI unlike anything else out there.

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Robohood is a Helping Hand for the Creative Process

We've developed AI-driven technology & software that allow robotic manipulators to transform any image into an original, bespoke painting using brushes, oil paint, or acrylic colors.

With Robohood, any digital image can become a full-fledged artistic masterpiece, commissioned by you, and executed by our AI-driven tech, right in front of your eyes!

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Order Custom Artwork!

Turn your vision into reality when you order a custom painting with Robohood.

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The Mobile Robotic Art Studio Suite

Robohood’s proprietary Mobile Robotic Art Studio offers our AI-driven software, hardware and accessories package, all in one kit: everything you need to begin creating artwork.

Our Mobile Robotic Art Studio is an all-inclusive package that comes with a cutting-edge Robotic Manipulator, essential mounting tools, a software subscription, and innovative painting equipment: everything you need to get started on your artistic exploration journey of various materials and techniques. Our expert team provides comprehensive support as well as a 3-day training program, making this an excellent choice for artists of all levels. Our team develops each Mobile Robotic Art Studio to ensure a flawless and unforgettable Robopainting™ experience.

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