Robohood for Businesses

The Art of Money-making Starts Here

The Mobile Robotic Art Studio is a complex product covering multiple business sectors' needs.

Despite being focused on art, it has the potential to generate revenue in various ways. In fact, money-making and achieving success is an ART!

With the Mobile Robotic Art Studio, businesses can showcase their creativity, leverage technology, and offer unique experiences to customers. The Mobile Robotic Art Studio is a tool that can help businesses stand out and thrive in today's competitive market.

Robohood Business Opportunities

It is important for society to keep up with new developments in technology, especially in robotics. Robotization is a crucial part of our future that is taking shape right now. And, we are currently facing a choice - to either ignore them or take advantage of their benefits and make money. By choosing robots today, we choose our future success.

Robohood as a Marketing Tool

You can install the Mobile Robotic Art Studio in your office or mall to generate extra income or use it as a marketing resource by promoting your business with paintings for your partners or clients. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business to the next level!

Create unique designs for your partners and customers quickly and efficiently
Differentiate your business from competitors and build brand identity
Get twice as many, or even more, visitors to your office or expo stand
Enhance overall shopping or trade show experience
Generate extra income and marketing resources


of new visitors come into your booth because of the robot


of new visitors who step into your booth get involved


of visitors to your booth become new customers

Robohood and Fashion

Creating Wearable Art

Get creative and stand out from the crowd.Collaborate with designers and brands to create wearable art using the Mobile Robotic Art Studio. With this cutting-edge technology, you can create unique merchandise or clothing that is sure to turn heads. Unleash your creativity and make a statement with wearable art!

Increase brand awareness and loyalty through unique and eye-catching designs.
Create a new revenue stream by selling your wearable art creations.
Expand your network by collaborating with designers and brands in the fashion industry.
Build a reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking business.
Stand out at trade shows and events with live demonstrations of the Robotic Art Studio in action.

Open a Workshop

Tap into the world of robotic art and build a thriving creative community. Opening your very own Robot-Art Workshop!

With the Mobile Robotic Art Studio, you can not only create stunning works of art but also rent out robots and hold masterclasses to inspire and educate fellow artists. Build a community of like-minded creatives and monetize your passion for art and technology. Turn your passion into a profitable and rewarding business venture with a Robot-Art Workshop.

Host masterclasses or speaking sessions
Build a community of artists and art enthusiasts
Opportunity to inspire and educate others
Gain potential clients


There are several ways of having a robotic art studio at your office to upgrade your employees' loyalty and engagement.


Hold a masterclass where your team will get an exclusive look into the core of the robopainting™ process. Our tutor will demonstrate the process and provide valuable insights into the techniques and methods used to create stunning software and artwork.

Keep the Studio at Workspace

Keep the Studio accessible to your employees and allow them to create cool stuff in their spare time. They can have the opportunity to experiment with the robopainting™ process and create art, merchandise, and unique designs. This will encourage creativity and innovat foster a sense of community and well-being in your workplace.


Utilize your Mobile Robotic Art Studio to attract fresh audiences to your events, whether online or in-person. You can either sell or rent out the robots, both of which can be advantageous for you.

20% of the total price of the Robotic Kit
Exclusive rights for a region based on agreed terms
Redirected local events
All of the content and marketing materials
The latest updates
Free shipping
Online support

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