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$1,999 PER YEAR

Have a Cobot of your own? (Robotic Arm Manipulator Collaborative Robot) As long as it has open API, you can input our software into it! Fill out the form below to purchase our AI painting software, and you can start creating paintings right away with your Cobot! Have a robotic arm manipulator already? Then don't pay for our full Robotic Suite that includes the robotic arm, instead, only purchase our software! First, in order to ensure compatibility with our software and your cobot, please make sure that your cobot has OPEN API. This is very important, some cobot manufacturers close their code to only allow their own applications. As long as your cobot has OPEN API, you can confidently purchase and use our software. If you have any questions, please email
Your software purchase includes comprehensive 1 on 1 video call training with one of our trained experts, 24/Hr Support, and of course full access to our cutting edge Ai-Painting software

What’s Included with Robohood Software?

  • 1 Year Subscription to our AI Painting Software
  • Accessories for your cobot (grippers, washing station, palette)
  • Training Program and Ongoing Support
  • Two 16" x 16" Canvases
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