Robohood for Education

Next-Generation Learning

With a Robotic Art Studio, students can learn new creative skills while working alongside a robot, exploring the endless possibilities of this exciting new technology. Robohood empowers students to be makers and agile problem solvers, able to imagine and create the future.

Not only is it a fun and engaging way to learn, but it also prepares students for the jobs of the future by exposing them to emerging technologies and trends. Our product is developed to inspire and empower students of all ages.

Robohood for K-12

Our product within the STEAM program empowers students to be makers and agile problem solvers, able to imagine and create the future.

SCIENCE: Learn about robotics and materials science as students observe and control the robot artist.
TECHNOLOGY: Learn about controlling systems as students use the robot artist to create art.
ENGINEERING: Learn about the construction of robots and the painting process discovering more about accuracy and errors while working.
ART: Learn about the principles of art such as composition, color theory, and more by creating art using the robot artist.
MATH: Learn about mathematical concepts such as geometry, algorithms and more as students calibrate the robot artist.

Host a Masterclass

Utilize your Mobile Robotic Art Studio to attract fresh audiences to your events, whether online or in-person. You can either sell or rent out the robots, both of which can be advantageous for you.

Masterclass 1 - Using Technology for Art

In this masterclass, students will learn how to bring their artistic ideas to life with the help of Robohood. From conceptualization to the finished painting, they'll be guided through every step of the process.

Come up with a concept gathering information and inspiration for the artwork.
Proceed to search or take photographs or make an own digital art into our interface.
Work with the painting interface to lead the creative process and create your robo-painting!

Masterclass 2 - Working with Renders

This masterclass focuses on the use of renders to visualize ideas in a digital space. Students will explore different render techniques and learn to incorporate them into their robopainting process.

Masterclass 3 - Behind the Scenes

In this masterclass, students will get an exclusive look into the core of the robopainting™ process. Our tutor will demonstrate the process and provide valuable insights into the techniques and methods used to create stunning software and artwork with Robohood.

Masterclass 4 - Robopainting™: Fractals of Art

This masterclass opens the power of maths in a very unique and fun way. Students will feel the art of sciend using their own skills and knowledge. With the help of coding and simple algorythms every student will learn how to draw a beatiful tree or other unique patterns.


By offering a robotic art studio as part of your educational program, you'll be providing your students with an experience that is truly unique and innovative, helping them to stand out in a competitive job market.

Bring The Latest Technology to Your School

Our robot-artist is the perfect addition to your curriculum, providing a hands-on learning experience that will engage your students in a unique and innovative way. Using our software, we can teach students to develop and program their own painting styles, as well as help them learn math, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Promote Self-development and Creativity for Your Students

Our robotic art studio is an ideal tool to unleash your students' creative potential and enable them to explore new possibilities. Its intuitive interface and versatile features make art accessible and fun for all students, irrespective of their artistic background. Our robot-artist can help students experiment with various mediums, techniques and push their artistic boundaries, inspiring them to set new goals and achieve them.

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