About the Founders

Meet the founders of Robohood

In 2001, Robohood Founder Vladimir Tsimberg, a Physician, Entrepreneur, and an amateur artist, became the President/Owner of BioVitrum, a manufacturer and supplier of medical and laboratory diagnostic equipment that help doctors detect and diagnose various health conditions faster with greater accuracy. With BioVitrum located less than 20 minutes away from Russia’s iconic State Hermitage Museum, the second largest art museum in the world after the Louvre, Vladimir enjoys easy access to a massive art collection, from prehistoric art, to Egyptian and classic antiquities, to neoclassical, impressionist, and 19-20th century art.

Working alongside representatives of the world’s leading companies devoted to saving lives by advancing the medical diagnostic process while being located so close to the Hermitage Museum, it is no surprise that Vladimir Tsimberg is passionate about both art and science. BioVitrum’s team means a great deal to Vladimir; exercising creativity has become a traditional team-building exercise at BioVitrum. The whole team gathers to paint, thus unwinding while realizing their creative potential.

It is during these artistic team-building exercises that Vladimir first realized that an artist’s ability to put their ideas onto canvas can be inhibited by physical limitations, such as limited visual-spatial perception, a disability, or simply a lack of artistic experience and skills. Vladimir became convinced that an artist’s physical limitations should not limit their ability to imagine and create. What if everyone can paint, Vladimir said to himself, and set about testing his big idea.

In May 2021, Vladimir Tsimberg teamed up with engineers, programmers, and technology experts to establish Robohood LLC., a start-up that revolutionized the arts by introducing robotic painting technology worldwide. As their first foray into robotic art, Robohood created the Van Der Bot art collection using a UFACTORY xArm 5 Lite Robotic Arm. Robohood also painted with the well-known industrial robot, KUKA R900 x1, which produced the first large-scale robotic paintings.

Robohood settled on UFACTORY robotic arms, and in December of 2021, Robohood LLC. was established as a corporation now known as Robohood Inc. Robohood Inc headquarters is located in the United States, in the tropical, sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Robohood Mobile Robotic Art Studio is designed to give a helping hand in the traditional art making process to creators of any skill level. With Robohood’s Mobile Robotic Art Studio, any artist can watch their ideas manifest right before their eyes with little to no experience. Artists can also embark on a new journey by collaborating with a robot, as a collaborating professional artist; hence, adding new depth to the creative process.


Before Robohood, Head of Software Anna Mishchenko and Chief Research & Development Officer Nikolay Gavrilin, were developing AI_NORN, a recreational project the two engineers co-founded. Both painted in their spare time, using fine art as a method of unwinding and relaxing.

Robohood Founder Vladimir Tsimberg was browsing YouTube when he stumbled upon AI_NORN, and its creators Anna and Nikolay. It was obvious for Vladimir that AI_NORN’s algorithm aligned itself perfectly with Robohood. He heavily invested in their project and recruited them to join Robohood in January, 2022. Today, Nikolay Gavrilin and Anna Mishchenko, are considered Co-Founders of Robohood. They are working tirelessly to develop software for a variety of styles while continuously testing and enhancing the technology at Robohood.

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By combining the capabilities of a robot and human, Robohood has shortened the path between formulating an idea and manifesting physical results in the form of fine art. The opportunity to translate one’s artistic idea into a finished product is now readily available to anyone regardless of artistic skill or ability.

Robohood’s robotic painters continue to evolve thanks to a diverse team of experts in the arts, computer science, robotics, data, and Artificial Intelligence. The technology has absorbed the combined knowledge and experience of many collaborators who have collectively combined to create, and to continue creating something truly unique and first-of-a-kind. Artists and laboratory technicians conduct experiments, evaluate the results obtained, and give recommendations for improvements, while technical specialists are continuously working on the development and improvement of our Artificial Intelligence and painting algorithms.

Robohood’s painting technology takes the angle and speed of the robot’s brushstrokes into consideration, as well as various other factors. Computer vision & scanning abilities to correct and refine colors are currently being developed. Robohood’s interface is interactive, thus responding to the user’s input and/or adjustments to the parameters for rendering/constructing a digital plan (prior to painting).

The software works as follows:

  1. The user uploads a digital image in png, Jpg, or Jpeg format. The image serves as the base of the painting.
  2. The user then can set a number of settings, such as the palette or painting style.
  3. Based on the image and settings, stroke coordinates are generated.
  4. These coordinates then convert into the motion coordinates for the robot and a digital image of a future painting: a render. The render gives the user an idea of what the future picture will look like before the robot starts painting.
  5. Once the render is approved, the robot begins the painting, and soon, an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of fine art is produced!

Whether you are uploading a photo, adjusting the parameters, or collaborating with the robot by applying your own manual strokes, you feel like a participant in the creative process. The results become a shared accomplishment and an invaluable work of art that communicates a mood and evokes emotion.

You must be free to create, and the robot gives that freedom. That is why we are investing in robotic arts. We are developing these technologies so that anyone can feel ad express beauty without limitations.
- Vladimir Tsimberg, Founder, Robohood

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