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Robotic Art Studio by Robohood

We have created AI-based software for transforming a digital image into commands for a robotic manipulator to paint with a brush and paint in different styles and techniques.

Investments Needed:

The total amount of investments planned to be seeded is around $2 million.

Why invest in Robohood?

  • We offer a new, disruptive technology that will change the art world via AI-powered robot automation. Our cutting-edge technology is poised to change the fine art market.
  • We believe we have initiated a truly international project with global scalability as visual artcuts across all countries and cultures.
  • A working product already exists and may be demonstrated on demand.
  • The highly attractive visual painting process creates a lasting wow-effect.
  • We are a seasoned team of engineers and developers led by a serial entrepreneur with aproven track record.

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The global collaborative robot (cobot) market is estimated to be 60K units per year—or less than$3 billion—with only a tiny fraction involved in producing art. In 2030, such reputable sources as McKinsey, the International Federation of Robotics, and Statista forecast the cobot market to exceed 220K units or $12 billion. We are well-positioned to claim a fair share of this growth.

The Problem:

There are a number of technologies available that can generate and edit digital images. However, transferring a complex digital images to a physical canvas is only possible via printing or painting by a human hand.

The Solution:

We have created an ML and AI-enabled technology that mimics the skills and performance of human artists. You upload a digital image of your choice, and our AI-powered software creates an outlook of future brush strokes on a canvas—then a robotic arm (cobot) draws the image with oil or acrylic paints on a real canvas.

Robohood - Quick Marketing Facts

Target Market

  • Malls and high-foot traffic areas to place kiosks to make custom paintings/art.
  • Corporate and private event entertainment agencies.
  • STEM-education providers for middle and high school, colleges, and universities.

Revenue Streams

  • Mobile Robotic Art Studio Sales
  • Mobile Robotic Art Studio Rentals
  • Annual Painting Software Subscription

Company Milestones

  • 2021 - Robohood project and software is developed
  • 2022 - Robotic Art Studio is Launched. 18 Test studios sold - 7 Cities - 4 Countries
  • 2023 - Product development is finalized, international market research and testing initiated
  • 2024 - full-scale international sales to be started

Meet the Robohood Team

Vladimir Tsimberg

Visionaire & Serial Entrepreneur

Victor Peppi


Nikolay Gavrilin

Cheif of Research & Development

Anna Mishenko

Head of Software

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