First Robotics- and AI-driven Product by Robohood Creates Physical Paintings Without Human Involvement: The Great Artistic Disruption

Robohood Inc., the innovative Art&Tech startup specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics, is excited to announce the world's first AI-Robotic technology enabling users to create physical paintings from an idea to canvas without human input.

Through combining the “Stable Diffusion” neural network’s ability to generate images and Robohood software to render and brush paint, we have showcased some of the ways in which modern technology can revolutionize the art world, unleashing boundless potential for creativity. We’ve created a collection, which consists of two concepts, entitled "Revival" and “The Art of Success”. From the base image to the canvas painting, every aspect of these art pieces was completed using Robohood Inc.’s cutting-edge technology. The results are truly extraordinary, representing a major step forward in the intersection of art and technology.

Featuring a diverse range of styles and mediums, these paintings were created using a variety of AI and robotic tools, including neural networks, machine learning algorithms, and specialized painting robots. The world’s first experience of art jointly produced by AI & ROBS from start to finish (end-to-end), this product grants everyone the ability to create masterpieces of art in one click and one idea.

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