Robot x FoE

NFTs, Robots… Has the future already happened? The history of visual art is constantly evolving over time, which is leading to its inevitable transformation. Art was first traced as ‘cave art’ interpreted as paintings and engravings between 40,000 and 14,000 years ago. Sometimes referred to as ’rock art’ executed with mineral dyes, stones and reeds. Archeologists first traced stone age art in Spain but since it’s discovery, a lot has evolved from this kind of art which was transformed from pleasure and communication, to a source of revenue.

Artists over time began to use advanced materials: pastels, oil paints, brushes and palette knives to create the imagery they wanted. Meanwhile, technology has not remained stagnant, it has continued to evolve. Moreover, some artists have recently begun to use different technologies for painting. Works of art are now created not only with paint and brushes, but also with the help of a stylus and an interactive tablet, “I draw on an Ipad,” an artist with an NFT Ape collection told this publication. Digital art has since superseded expectations with the internet making this kind of art accessible beyond borders, now termed as the ‘the NFT Craze’ extremely popular in this digital age. Is it possible to move even further? To create something more viral and powerful?

Up-and-coming NFT artist, known as F.o.E and RoboHood.Inc created a very promising collaboration: “Robot and FoE” Nft art is currently flourishing but not all are beautiful roses. Critics claim the current NFT buy ins are a “bubble”. “It is not an art if I cannot touch it!”, “It is not unique – I can just copy paste it!” – They say. To change this thought pattern, Robohood.Inc, a company that develops robot painting technology is on the verge of creating a unique product at the intersection of art and technology. One of their main interests is AI (Artificial Intelligence) - pictorial art intended to create NFT utility to bridge the space between the Metaverse and the Universe.

With a background in both Crypto & Digital Art, facility of E (F.o.E) is a 1/1 blockchain Artist, exhibiting in the Metaverse for over a year now. Based in South Africa, the artist behind this momentus project acquired qualifications in visual communication and Graphic Design in the United Kingdom. FoE, or more affectionately known as E, is one of the few 1/1 Artists pushing the possibilities of utility behind NFT Art and its place in the expanding Metaverse.

Facility of E (F.o.E) was born on the social media platform, instagram, with the intent of creating Art under the pseudo anonymous identity for the love of Art, imagination, without the influence of client expectation and monetary gain, and the intent to improve and expand E's, creative ability. The pandemic accelerated the idea that Lead to Experiment 939 (E939), an exhibition of 264 1/1 Artworks across 47 collections, created between 2018 & 2021.

Upon joining the NFT space in March 2021, FoE began minting E939 on the OpenSea platform hence kick starting the long awaited digital art journey. While Participating and studying the unfolding metaverse and it's possibilities, backed by a keen interest in AI technologies, FoE would be able to create physical work without touching a paintbrush.

Robot & FoE will be an ongoing collection of work, across a number of series, launching on the Foundation Platform, celebrating the progression of the technology, and focusing on various themes within the metaverse and relating narratives. Initial utility of each NFT will be the delivery of the physical Artwork to the Buyer, as well as access to future utility and benefits produced and added to the Robot & FoE project. If there ever is a time to take notice of the possibilities of NFT and blockchain technology assisting the Art world beyond the Digital realm, the collaboration between and the digital artist FoE, should be on the look out for any investor interested in the future of Web 3.0.

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